Weather Information

Redhill ATC is equipped with a Muir Matheson Mini Metcom system that supplies the ATCO with surface wind, visibility, cloud, outside air temperature, dew point and pressure data. This information is used to compile the METARs which are available via the Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS).


The ATIS operates H24 on channel 125.305 MHz, it may also be accessed by telephone +44 (0)1737 822947.

During ATC hours the Runway in Use is included in the broadcast; the data is verified and, if necessary, amended by the ATCO. Pilots must obtain the latest information before contacting ATC.

Outside ATC hours the information is produced automatically and is unverified, the ATIS states "This is Redhill Automatic Information __". Pilots should be aware of the limitations of automatic meteorological observing systems, details may be found here in the UK AIP GEN 3.5 paragraph 4.17

Please press refresh to ensure the data is up to date.


Note: A yellow background indicates changes since the last observation. A red background indicates out of date data.