Runway 06/24

Use of unlicensed Runway 06/24

Runway 06/24 is an unlicensed paved runway 495m x 10m marked on a section of Taxiway C and D. The main restrictions are reproduced below.

1. A Section 106 (legal agreement between Redhill Aerodrome Limited and Reigate and Banstead Borough Council) exists governing the use of Runway 06/24. This places conditions upon when the unlicensed may be used together with a daily cap on the number of fixed-wing movements. There is a financial penalty that RAL must pay on each movement above the average daily cap.

2. Between the first calendar day of November and the last calendar day of March in any year, whilst the airfield is open for fixed wing aircraft traffic, no more than an average total of 85 daily fixed wing aircraft movements will be permitted to occur from Runway 06/24 assessed on a rolling seven-day average basis, and where each take-off and landing is considered to be a single movement (so touch and go’s are counted as two movements).

3. In relation to the use of the Unlicensed Runway

Redhill Aerodrome Limited shall not at any time to use any part of Taxiway C/D (including the Unlicensed Runway) for any Flight Movement (other than in cases of emergency or damaged aircraft) unless:

i) the Grass Runways are Unserviceable; or

ii) if no Grass Runway is available due to weather conditions, waterlogging, obstruction, regulatory requirement, emergency reasons or safety reasons.

4. Redhill Aerodrome Limited shall not undertake any works including widening, lengthening, realigning, levelling, strengthening marking or any other works in the vicinity of the Unlicensed Runway on or in the vicinity of Taxiway C/D which would enable the length of the Unlicensed Runway being extended beyond 500 metres in length.

5. Not to install any permanent lighting on Taxiway C/D with the exception of Taxiway Edge Lighting.

NOTAMs will be issued notifying the grass runways as being unavailable prior to Runway 06/24 being brought in to use. Details of the NOTAMs shall be recorded in the ATC Watch Log. A copy of the fixed-wing circuit pattern for Runway 06/24 may be downloaded from here.