Airfield Briefing

Date: 17/03/18 Time: 11:20 UTC Runway: 07

Operating Hours

0900 - 1700 UTC (0900 - 1700 Local)

Runway 18/36: Closed due to surface conditions. NOTAMN L1934/18 refers.
Runway 08R/26L: Closed due to surface conditions. NOTAMN L1933/18 refers.
Runway 08L/26R: Closed due to surface conditions. NOTAMN L1932/18 refers.
Runway07/25(Unlicensed): In operation.
Helicopter Ops: All areas available. HTAs outside the taxiways are not available to helis required to use a licensed aerodrome.
Note: 1. Fixed-wing restricted to paved taxiways and runways.
2. Until 25 March 2018 grass area west of 18/36 and north of 08R/26L closed due to surface conditions. Holding points G1, G2 and G3 not available.
3. Increased bird activity on Aerodrome.
4. No painted holding point markings at hold A1.
Weather Info: ATIS (VHF) 125.300MHz (Tel) 01737 822947.
Next Inspection:

18/03/2018 at 08:30 UTC

Sunset 18:08 UTC 18:08 Local

Weather Warnings

Strong Wind: Warning #17/002 & 17/005 valid 171200 - 180000UTC. E-NE wind mean 20-30kts, gusts 30-40kts.
Thunderstorm: Nil.
Hail: Nil.
Fog: Nil.
Snow:Warning #17/001 & 17/006 valid 171200 - 180000UTC. Moderate wet snow, accumulations 1-5cm. Possible drifting.
Frost:Warning #17/003 & 17/004 valid 171200 - 180000UTC. Ground/air frost may occur.