Airfield Briefing

Date: 17/02/18 Time: 08:10 UTC Runway: 25

Operating Hours

0900 - 1700 UTC (0900 - 1700 Local)

Runway 18/36: Closed due to surface conditions.
Runway 08R/26L: Closed due to surface conditions.
Runway 08L/26R: Closed due to surface conditions.
Runway07/25(Unlicensed): In operation.
Helicopter Ops: All areas available. HTAs outside the taxiways are not available to helis required to use a licensed aerodrome.
Note: 1. Fixed-wing restricted to paved taxiways and runways. NOTAMN L0867/18 refers.
2. Until 25 March 2018 grass area west of 18/36 and north of 08R/26L closed due to surface conditions. Holding points G1, G2 and G3 not available. NOTAMN L7417/17 refers (this will be re-issued from 1 March).
3. Increased bird activity on Aerodrome. NOTAMN L8045/17 refers.
4. No painted holding point markings at hold A1.
5. Revised heli ops below class D airspace minima. NOTAMN L0009/18 refers.
6. ARFFS downgraded to Cat A1/H1 18 - 24 February. NOTAMN L1035/18 refers.
Weather Info: ATIS (VHF) 125.300MHz (Tel) 01737 822947.
Next Inspection:

18/02/2018 at 08:30 UTC

Sunset 17:20 UTC 17:20 Local

Weather Warnings

Strong Wind: Nil.
Thunderstorm: Nil.
Hail: Nil.
Fog: Nil.
Frost: VALID until 10:00.