Airfield Briefing

Date: 23/10/17 Time: 07:35 UTC Runway: 18

Operating Hours

0800 - 1800 UTC (0900 - 1900 Local)

Runway 18/36: Available. Sfc firm, damp,
Runway 08R/26L: Rwy 26L due to sfc damage and exposed concrete edges at THR. Rwy 08R remains available. NOTAM L6420/17 refers.
Runway 08L/26R: Rwy 26R available. Sfc firm, damp.
Runway07/25(Unlicensed): Not available.
Helicopter Ops: All areas available.
Note: ARFFS downgraded to CAT A1/H1. (NOTAMN L6407/17 refers).
Collapsed land drain W of Rwy 18/36 marked by cones.(Ref Notam L5584/17)
Aeronautical ground lighting system (AGLS) operating for test purposes only (Ref NOTAMN L6408/17). Two CAA flight checks of the AGLS (for the issue of ANO lighting permission) have been cancelled due to weather. Next available date is towards the end of October until then fixed-wing operations will cease at sunset.
No painted holding point markings at hold A1 (Ref Notam L5390/17)
Weather Info: ATIS (VHF) 125.300MHz (Tel) 01737 822947.
Next Inspection:

24/10/2017 at 07:30 UTC

Sunset 16:52 UTC 17:52 Local

Weather Warnings

Strong Wind: Nil.
Thunderstorm: Nil.
Hail: Nil.
Fog: Nil
Snow: Nil.
Frost: Nil.